What future for Europe? Reaffirming the European project as building a community of values

Con il documento “What future for Europe? Reaffirming the European project as building a community of values” la Conferenza delle Chiese Europee, associazione che raccoglie 114 chiese ortodosse, protestanti, anglicane e vecchiocattoliche provenienti da tutta Europa, lancia una consultazione tra le Chiese in vista della prossima Assemblea Generale, che si terrà nel 2018.

In allegato il testo completo.

“Fifteen years ago, the historic Charta Oecumenica, brought together the churches of the Conference of European Churches and CCEE in a bold pronouncement in support of the European project. Here they proclaimed, “without common values, unity cannot endure.” Today, less than a generation later, such a call to common values and unity seems alien and rare in European societies. Political and economic disintegration seem the new norm. Europeans are losing confidence in the European project, mistrust of politicians and the structures they serve is growing, and policies are reduced to national interests.”